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Novel Review: Grave Peril by Jim Butcher

Grave Peril by Jim Butcher
Series: The Dresden Files #3

Adult ∴ Urban fantasy > Paranormal, Magic ∴ Mystery
Published September 1st 2001 by Roc
Audiobook ∴ 348 pages ∴ 12 hours

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Lost Items Found. Paranormal Investigations. Consulting. Advice. Reasonable Rates. No Love Potions, Endless Purses, or Other Entertainment.

Harry Dresden’s faced some pretty terrifying foes during his career. Giant scorpions. Oversexed vampires. Psychotic werewolves. All par for the course for Chicago’s only professional wizard.

But in all of Harry’s years of supernatural sleuthing, he’s never faced anything like this: the spirit world’s gone postal. All over Chicago, ghosts are causing trouble—and not just of the door-slamming, ‘boo’- shouting variety. These ghosts are tormented, violent, and deadly.

Someone—or something—is stirring them up to wreak unearthly havoc. But why? And why do so many of the victims have ties to Harry? If Harry doesn’t figure it out soon, he could wind up a ghost himself….

Set ~October 2001

Once again, Harry has gotten himself into trouble with a significantly large group of people, specifically vampires. He’s pissed off Bianca, head of the Red Court in Chicago, and now he has to deal with the consequences. And there are a lot of ghosts for some reason, too. I dunno, this plot is all over the place.

Now, I know one of the big issues with this series is that it’s pretty sexist. The way I see it, it’s not the series but Harry and a few of the other characters have sexist tendencies. What I see most of the time, is an unnecessary need to describe boobs and then Harry’s Knight-in-Shining-Armor mentality. Later in the series, Karrin and Susan don’t let him get away with it if they know about it, so I’m usually okay overall.

Anyway, this isn’t in my top 5 books in the series, but I like it because Thomas is introduced and I love Thomas. He’s a Good Boy and he deserves The Best.

I can’t wait to get to my most favorite book in the series, Blood Rite, because of things and such, but I’m having a good time getting back into the magical world of Chicago in the early 2000s.

Find the rest of the series:
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∴ 3.5 stars ∴

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