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Reasons to Read: Mermaids of Eriana Kwai

Series: Mermaids of Eriana Kwai trilogy

Titles: Ice Massacre ∴ Ice Crypt ∴ Ice Kingdom

Author: Tiana Warner

Genre: YA, Fantasy, wlw, Mythology > mermaids

What it’s about:

As most of you know, I LOVE this series with all of my being. This will have some baby spoilers, but nothing more than what the blurb says, really. I promise I won’t ruin it for you!

The island of Eriana Kwai is on the brink of destruction. Merpeople have been hoarding all the fish and sending armies of mermaids to lure and kill fisherman for decades. After years and years of sending men out to cull the mermaids, they decide to send girls, who are not affected by the mermaid’s lure. Meela and nineteen of her peers have been trained for five years to kill mermaids, but there’s one problem for Meela, she was once best friends with a mermaid and she knows how similar to humans they really are. Over the course of Ice Massacre, Meela has to come to terms with the fact that may have feelings for a mermaid and also save her people from annihilation. She soon discovers it’s not the merpeople against them, it’s just one, and he’s relentless.

In Ice Crypt, Meela is searching for a weapon she hopes to try and trick the King with. He wants a trade, but she intends to use it against him. All the while, Lysi is trying to survive war under the water instead of above it, as well as hatch a plan to assassinate the king. I think this one is my favorite because we get to see how the merpeople live underwater and what exactly is going on with their leaders. And in Ice Kingdom, Meela and Lysi are once again separated, but we get a whole new perspective of a Navy Seal. He’s on the outside of the whole situation, but he has his own decisions to make in order to save lives. Will Lysi and Mee be reunited? Will everything work out in the end? I dunno, you’ll have to read it and find out ’cause I’m sure as hell not going to tell you.

Why I love it:

I found a post on Tumblr two years ago, about two months before the sequel was due. It praised Ice Massacre with a fervor that I now have. It’s the mermaid series I never knew I needed. I had read one other series that just wasn’t what I thought it was going to be and I was left disappointed and sad. Most of the mermaid books I would find were romance based, about turning human, or discovering the MC was actually a mermaid all along. This one is nothing like that. Romance takes a backseat; it’s all about coming into yourself as a person and acknowledging that you can be loyal to your people but also be happy with who you are and what you want.

On the whole, I just love this series. It’s everything I ever needed and wanted and I’m always rereading it when I need a pick-me-up or when I need something to get me out of a slump. Not to mention, Tiana is a lovely human being who loves horses and always replies when tagged in something. She and artist April Pierce are working together to create a graphic novel, due this winter. They will release it, page by page, on Patreon. I will definitely be linking it as soon as it’s up and running. There are seven pages posted here, if you want to see what it’s going to look like!

Also, keep your eyes peeled for her new novel, not yet titled, “a science fiction novel about a young woman who gets an internship at an aerospace company and discovers her boss is a supervillain,” (from this interview). I can’t wait to see how that one will go!

Why you’ll love it:

It’s got strong and capable warrior women, all native, from an island off the west coast of Canada. There’s girl love and coming out in hilarious but nonchalant ways, and wonderful support systems and families. It checks all my boxes (minus witches). It’s action packed, wholesome, and so much fun.

There are a few things that can be triggering, like killing, blood and gore, domestic abuse of a side character, and undertones of homophobia and racism from some characters (it’s not blatant, but one could see the hatred of merms to be racist/xenophobic and Meela’s parents take some convincing about the whole lesbian thing). Also, most of the people on Eriana are convinced merpeople aren’t intelligent beings, but more like sharks, no matter how many time Meela tells them differently.

Anytime anyone asks for a recommendation, I usually recommend this. I just can’t praise it enough! Let me know if you’ve read it or if I’ve sparked an interest in you to read it! I love talking about it with others!


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4 thoughts on “Reasons to Read: Mermaids of Eriana Kwai

  1. I’ve been hoping to read this one! I sent it to a friend when we did a mermaid themed book box exchange, hoping it was good (she enjoyed it, thank goodness, I may have taken a slight gamble), so I’ve had my eye on it ever since! I guess this is a sign I should start looking for a copy.

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