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Monthly Wrap Up: September 2018

It’s my birthday month! YAY! Also, I’m in a terrible rut and haven’t finished anything significant since the middle of August…

Read and reviewed in September:

Moonstruck Vol 1 by Grace Ellis35758543

A cute little diverse and inclusive story about a couple of lesbian werewolves and their non-binary centaur friend Chet, whom they have to save from this evil fox magician!

Book & eARC Haul:

Purchased haul:


This brings my THUG collection up to 6. They’re all different, and I’m totally not stopping there!

ARCs I requested, but are not yet approved/denied:

  • Unnatural Deeds by Cyn Balog
    • Edelweiss. This one is actually a 2016 release, but it looked interesting so whatever.


A bad month for me, I guess.

Book swap, ARC edition

38504533I’ve been reading The Shadowglass (out 3/01/19) by Rin Chupeco. Lauren (again) graciously agreed to let some of the staff from the book club borrow her ARC as long as we were gentle to it and that she got it back. Jenny is next on the list!

I finished it and you should all know we are incredibly blessed to live in a time where this series exists at it’s peak. Thank you so much for letting us read it early, Lauren! It was amazing and perfect and I couldn’t have asked for anything better.

Check out the series:
The Bone Witch ∴ The Heart Forger ∴ The Shadowglass

Spooks and Tea Time

It’s that time of year when my book club, Books and Tea, start our month-long read-athon. I choose to read anything horror (usually), but it’s open to anything spooky, like thrillers or suspense, or even a cozy Halloween mystery! We also have different challenges running for everyone to participate in. Check out Lauren’s post for more info and feel free to join Books and Tea here!

It’s My Birthday

My birthday was on the 10th and it was pretty good. Back in June, my bestest friends, Aryell and Lauren, got together and got me this D.Va statue. It’s HUGE and I know it cost more than they should’ve spent, but I totally love it!

I also got an adorable Groot planter, a life-sized Rowlet plushie, Shadow of the Tomb Raider for PS4 (which I already beat and restarted with new game plus), an Orisa POP figure, and hilarious orange and black spooky yard flamingos. I don’t even have a yard, but I love them.

My book club got together and commissioned an AMAZING sea witch from Porcelain Bones and I LOVE HER! Her name is Malthedry and she’s going to be an NPC in my fiance’s D&D game. IMG_0586

Find Porcelain Bones here: twitter ∴ Patreon

Micro Review Update

Lauren has been keeping up with the Micro Reviews! Go check them out and see if you’re interested in joining!

Gettin’ Comfy (1) ∴ Gettin’ Comfy (2) ∴ Fall is Here (3)

And here’s the archive. Feel free to do old posts or wait until the start of the month for the new theme.

Okay, well I think that’s all I have this month. The best time of the year is here, and I’m ready for spooks and scares and gore and all those good things! Keep an eye out for exciting content and spooky recommendations!

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