Spooks and Tea

Spooks and Tea 2018 Read-athon

This is Books and Tea’s compiled list of spooky things for October. I’ve taken suggestions from book club members and friends and added them all in here with as many links as I could manage. Remember, some of these are not suitable for everyone, so please be cautious before watching or reading anything and feel free to ask about trigger warnings.

This is also all in an archive post. Any edits or updates will be made there, since it’s a more permanent fixture and easier for me to find.

Contributors from the book club:
Anthony / Keep Reading Forward
Lauren / Northern Plunder
¤ Paul / Excelsius
§ Sarah
* Teascape
©bookish Candy
Raquel / SapphireSoul
∞Anthony / corporat


Graphic Novels/Manga



Our whole book club list of horror movies on Letterboxd


YouTube Channels


A playlist, made by Raquel!

And a witchy feeling playlist I put together last year

If you decide to do your own read-athon, let me know how it goes! What do you plan to read? Are you going to read as many as you can, or just read when it feels right?

Other spooky stuff:
Horror Shelf Tour ∴ Micro Review Theme & Prompts: October 2018

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2 thoughts on “Spooks and Tea 2018 Read-athon

  1. I have 2 books I want to read just for myself this month. A Discovery of Witches and Practical Magic #1 and #2. I’ve watched Practical Magic when it came out, and still watch it every halloween. But have not read either of the books yet. So it’s on my list of things to do this month lol.

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