Micro Brews

Micro Brew Theme & Prompts: April 2019

This was created by my friend Melanie / The Library of Mars. We would do this on Tumblr, back when that was my only reviewing platform. I’ve been wanting to do something more on my blog because my reviews are as unpredictable as my reading habits. I thought this would be a fun way to promote something that you love. It’s also been re-branded from “Micro Review” to “Micro Brew” because of some confusion and to fit with my blogs overall theme.

I will be posting the prompts on the first day of the month and answering them on the first and third Mondays of the month (anytime in between will be good times to post as well).

April Theme: KonMar That Shiz

Prompt 1:  April 8

  • What’s your go-to genre? What about it do you enjoy so much? What’s your least favorite genre to read?

Prompt 2: April 22

  • Sticking with the genre topic, what’s a genre you’ve recently discovered you enjoy? Is it way out of your norm or comfort-zone?


  1. Tag me, Hexen Librarian. I want to see all your answers!
  2. Visit Melanie on Twitter
  3. Include explanation
  4. Feature the header
  5. Post the theme and prompt for the post
  6. Complete the prompt, no tagging necessary, unless you want to!

Have fun!

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