Rating System

5 stars – Fantastic! Great writing, atmosphere, characters, plot, everything! Usually a favorite (with exceptions) and a must-read/must-buy.
4 stars  – Great read. Minor flaws in one or two categories. Would still recommend.
3 stars – Good read. Not necessarily buy-able material, but not a waste of time. Sometimes, this also means I loved a book but found it to be problematic, and I will specify in the review what the problem is and who I will or won’t recommend it to.
2 stars – Not great. It was a book. Usually means it was not what I was expecting from the book when I started whether that means it was promoted wrong or I misunderstood the direction it was supposed to go. Would not recommend.
1 star – No. Don’t bother. No good. Will not recommend.
DNF – Did Not Finish – I try to give a book 100 pages or 10% (depending on ebook formatting). I will explain why I couldn’t or wouldn’t finish a DNF’d book
I’ll Get Back To It – Not necessarily a rating, but it’s a list on my Goodreads. Usually books that I’ve started and forgot about, but have every intention of finishing at some mysterious time in the future.

One other thing: I don’t take review requests. This is a hobby and when it starts to feel too much like work, it’s no longer fun. I will, however, pass on any requests to bloggers I know take them or pass along their information to you.