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Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0

Last year Anthony from Keep Reading Forward created a Halloween Creatures Tag and he’s reworked it for this year. This is the version he’d like you to do if you decide to take part! Happy Halloween! It is finally October again and time for the Halloween Creatures book tag. Rules: – Answer all prompts – Answer honestly – Tag… Continue reading Halloween Creatures Tag 2.0

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Micro Review 3.1: October 8, 2018

Rules: Tag me, Hexen Librarian Visit Melanie on Twitter Include explanation Feature the header Post the theme and prompt for the post Complete the prompt, no tagging necessary. October Theme: It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year Prompt : What's your favorite Halloween read? It doesn't have to be scary! It could be a thriller… Continue reading Micro Review 3.1: October 8, 2018

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Micro Review Theme & Prompts: October 2018

This was created by my friend Melanie / The Library of Mars. We would do this on Tumblr, back when that was my only reviewing platform. I've been wanting to do something more on my blog because my reviews are as unpredictable as my reading habits. I thought this would be a fun way to promote… Continue reading Micro Review Theme & Prompts: October 2018

Wrap Ups

Monthly Wrap Up: September 2018

It's my birthday month! YAY! Also, I'm in a terrible rut and haven't finished anything significant since the middle of August... Read and reviewed in September: Moonstruck Vol 1 by Grace Ellis A cute little diverse and inclusive story about a couple of lesbian werewolves and their non-binary centaur friend Chet, whom they have to… Continue reading Monthly Wrap Up: September 2018